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Noah Wilson is best known for his work in the YouTube community.  According to Kelly Ripa, “Noah is a young Seacrest” and to many of his fans is referred to as “the next Ryan Seacrest.”  Noah is the CEO, Host, and Creator of iHollywood.tv. and with more than dozens of celebrity interviews, Noah's YouTube Channel has been on the rise, growing rapidly, as Noah becomes the next big TV / Media Personality, Host, Digital Influencer, and Social Media Star in the industry.  


Noah has always had a passion for being on-camera and interviewing stars and has dreamed of having this job ever since he was 8-yrs-old. Noah would go to his local football games in his hometown and interview the crowd for fun.  Noah knew he really wanted to pursue a career in TV hosting, reporting, interviewing after watching an episode of LIVE! With Regis & Kelly.


Noah has admired TV Host Kelly Ripa as a kid, and eventually ended up meeting Kelly, and taping a short segment in Kelly's dressing room for her online show, 'Fashion Finder'. After Noah met Kelly Ripa in New York, he came back home and created his very own YouTube Channel in 2011. Noah really got serious building his own brand in 2014, which was the launch of, 'NoahPOPTV'. NoahPOPTV was the start of his career interviewing celebrities, such as, Lady Antebellum, and Darius Rucker. After that, Noah was able to get the opportunity to interview stars and build a relationship with the Hallmark Channel, ABC Television Network, and many other major cable networks. Noah was able to plan and produce his very own segments for the show, and have star-studded celebrities on board to make each segment a success.


After, working hard with NoahPOPTV and developing a consistent following, Noah felt his audience took more of an interest in celebrity entertainment content and moving forward Noah decided to rebrand his outlet.  On September 5, 2017, iHollywood.tv was created and launched to bring his viewers celebrity news, pop culture, and interviews. Watch Noah's weekly videos, 'iHollywood.tv' every week here on the website or on his YouTube Channel.

What separates iHollywoodTV from other online venues is Noah's original content. From backstage at ABC's “Dancing With The Stars,” covering TV’s Wendy Williams Summer Tour, Country Music’s Scotty McCreery, or talking to today’s stars that are relatable to the 18-34 year old age group, it’s Noah's fresh take and personality that appeals to viewers. Our production and studio team keep things moving and entertaining through interesting transitions, dynamic editing and fast paced imagery to create a multiple layered and satisfying video experience that has the viewer replaying and sharing our postings and craving the next episode of content.

Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson

Media Personality, CEO & Digital Influencer

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